Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue 9 Pack (order in singles or 5 for trade outer)
Compostable packaging and 100% recycled paper product.
Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue 4 Pack (order in singles or 10 for trade outer)
In 1986 we launched the UK's first 100% Recycled Paper Toilet Tissue, since then we've continued to develop the range. Our latest news is that...
Tisserand Soothing Wheat Cushion (Lavender)
Tisserand Soothing Wheat Cushion (Lavender) - Our ever-popular wheat cushion, versatile enough to be used as a cold pack to ease muscle pulls or sprains,...
Golden Silk Oil 30ml
Natural Camellia oil - a super, multi-purpose moisturiser. Camellia oil is most closely related to human sebum, so Camellia oil penetrates deep into the epidermis...
Tisserand Wild Cassis & Jasmine Diffuser Oil (9ml) (9ml)
Sparkling notes of silky Artmesia, spicy Nutmeg & zesty Orange enhanced with a fusion of precious Rose, Jasmine & Amber provide an exciting & lively...
Olbas Oil 28ml (order in singles or 12 for trade outer)
The original Olbas Oil formulation can be used for immediate relief from colds, congestion, catarrh, sinuses and hayfever. Olbas is a unique blend of oils...
Bach Remedy Set in Canvas Wallet
The full range of 38 remedies with 2 bottles of Recovery Remedy (Dr. Bach's original rescue remedy) complete with an attractive green canvas storage and...
Now Foods Essential Oils Good Morning Sunshine Uplifting Blend 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Purity Tested/Quality Assured Aroma: Citrus with a slightly spicy undertone. Attributes: Energizing, focusing, soothing. Extraction Method: Grapefruit and Orange Oils - Cold Pressed; Rosemary, Peppermint...
Tisserand Sweet Orange & Cinnamon Diffuser Oil (9ml)
Spicy Cinnamon & Clove subtly balanced with Sweet Orange & Mandarin provide a welcoming & comforting fragrance. Light a fire, cosy up under a cashmere...
Lavender Organic Essential Oil (30ml)
"The word 'aromatherapy' was first used in the 1920's by French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse, following a lucky accident in his laboratory. Gattefosse set his...
Olbas Bath Oil 250ml
Olbas Bath Oil can be added to a warm bath to comfort and relax the body. The natural vapours gently clear your head, whilst relaxing...
Lavender Organic Essential Oil 10ml
Lavender - flowers (Lavandula officinalis). Lavender is the most used and talked about of all essential oils. It is an excellent skin rejuvenator, is antiseptic...
Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set 6 x 20ml
The award winning Kneipp herbal bath oils are therapeutic bath and body treatments that clear the mind and stimulate the body. This set is the...
HayMax Pure 3 for 2 Triple PackTM Organic Pollen B
Award winning organic 'HayMax' , is an effective, drug-free, simple to use POLLEN BARRIER which won Best Product (Organic, Non-Food) at The Natural Trade Show...
HayMax Mixed 3 for 2 Triple PackTM Organic Pollen
New to CLF this year, award winning organic 'HayMax' , is an effective, drug-free, simple to use POLLEN BARRIER which won Best Product (Organic, Non-Food)...
Solgar, Wild Oregano Oil, 60 Softgels
Since 1947 With Natural Antioxidants Dietary Supplement Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Non-GMO Oregano contains a number of valuable constituents, including naturally occurring antioxidant phytochemicals....
Plant Therapy 100% Pure Essential Oils Germ Fighter 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Synergy Blend It is so important to keep your body on alert against attacks to your immune system. Whether it's keeping your hands clean, or...
Badger Company, Stress Soother, Tangerine & Rosemary, .60 oz (17 g)
Aromatherapy To Calm & Soothe the Mind USDA Organic Certified Organic & 100% Natural Certified Organic by NH Dept. of Agr. Mkts., & Food Certified...
Bach Original Flower Remedies Scleranthus 20ml
Bach Original Flower Remedies Scleranthus was developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor, homeopath, bacteriologist and immunologist who felt that...
Lavender Body Oil 100ml
Soothing and calming skin care, 100% natural with organic lavender oil
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